4 Home Flood Preparation Tips

4 home flood preparation tips

Sudden storms or heavy rainfall in a short period of time causes water to rise rapidly which causes damage to infrastructure and valuables. It is important to be ready in the incoming storm or natural disaster by preparing your plumbing system. Here’s your guide to keep the water out and protect your valuables.

Methods to prevent flooding in your home

Having knowledge of the plumbing systems in your home can lower the risk and minimize damage if flooding does happen to your home. At Top Malabanan Siphoning, we want you to be ready.

Here are some home flood prep tips you can do to protect your home:

1. Find the water shutoff valves:

In case of emergency, It is important to know the location of your main shutoff valves on how and where you can turn off your main water supply. There are several different areas where you can locate the main shutoff water valve:

  • Basementthe shutoff valve is typically located on an internal wall near the front of the house.
  • Crawlspace
    1. Crawl space without a basementThe shutoff valve where the water enters the basement or in some older homes that is inside the crawl space.
    2. Crawl space with a basementThe shutoff valve can be located anywhere but most probably located near your water heater or under the kitchen sink.
  • SlabYou can locate your shutoff valve anywhere and near the water heater or under your kitchen sink.

2. Install of reflux valves:

A reflux valve allows sewage to flow in one direction only and is intended to automatically close when flow reverses.

3. Emergency Flood Plan:

Make sure to have a supply kit on hand and be conscious of evacuation procedures to prevent the flood occur. A disaster kit should consist of torch, batteries, portable radio, mobile phone, bottled water, non-perishable foods, blankets, emergency cash, wash kit and essential toiletries.

4. Install a sump pump:

To install a sump pump, find a location where the water collects during a flood. Dig a hole for the sump and add more gravel to stand in the sump. Attach the adapters, install a check valve and run a PVC through the wall. Next, apply sealant to the hole and spread out the water flow then finally cover the stump.

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