How to Drain Plumbing System

A home’s plumbing systems are a broad network of different water and gas supply pipes. Understanding the fundamentals of a plumbing system allows you to better understand the types of problems that occur.

If you are planning to leave your house for any length of time, it can be a good idea to completely drain your plumbing system to avoid burst pipes especially if the house has older plumbing systems. There are also other times when you might need to drain the system and the process is fairly simple.

Common Reasons for doing this:

• Water Hammer

The sound, that loud bang within your pipes is called ‘water hammer’ or ‘hydraulic shock’. Water hammer also happens when water changes directions or stops suddenly. This condition causes a sudden movement of pipes and causes them to bump into one another. Not only can this sound be annoying but also can damage the pipes, connections, joints, and fittings. That can cause pipe bursts, water leaks, and repeated plumbing repairs.

• Seasonal Shutdown

In cold months, between September to January. Seasonal shutdowns can mostly happen in places like ‘Baguio’ where the temperature index went too low causing a freeze in pipes blocking water from coming in and that blocked water can destroy your pipes, such as burst or leak if left unattended and can causing tons of repairs.

• Major Plumbing Repairs

Draining the plumbing system is really necessary to avoid plumbing repairs. Draining it, on the other hand, will lessen your problems when it comes to unwanted materials that have been stuck inside, it also removes foul smell, sludge, and possible water contamination that may develop. You can avoid major repairs by simply draining your plumbing system. Such as pipe leaks, clogs, burst pipes, and more.

What tools you should need?

Some of the most common plumbing tools are not plumbing tools at all. You may already have many of the tools necessary for most plumbing jobs because they are the same tools used for other do-it-yourself projects. However, you may need something a little more specialized to complete certain jobs.

Tubs and Faucets

Water comes out of your faucet and into your sink and tubs. A faucet is a device that allows you to turn the flow of water on and off.

Pipe Wrench

When you need a wrench that has the size and grip to loosen pipes, this specialized tool is just what the plumber ordered.

Plumbing Aids

Augers, plungers, and snakes are among the tools designed specifically for plumbing that may help you with your home repair project

Steps of How to Drain Plumbing System

  1. Find the shut-off point and turn off the water supply.
  • If your shut-off valve is lever-style, turn the lever clockwise or in whichever direction the “off” arrow is pointing.

2.Turn on all the taps.

  • Or simply open the sink and faucets in your house, from the top floor all the way down.

3.Remember to flush.

  • Flush all of the toilets in your home, starting with toilets on the top floor and working your way down to the basement. Remove the tank cover from each toilet and hold the flush lever down until all of the water drains out of the tank.

4.Empty your appliances and leave your faucets in an open position.

  • Depending on how long you’ll be away, you may also want to consider draining any appliances in your home that use water, including your washing machine, dishwasher, and water heater. Turn off the water supply to each of these appliances and follow the manufacturers’ recommendations for draining them.

And you’re done!

Safety Tips

Taking safety precautions is a high-priority component of preparing for a draining plumbing system.

  • Rule one. Just using common sense will keep you out of dangerous situations.
  • Wear protective gear such as gloves, safety glasses, and clothing that will keep from harm.
  • Think before opening a drain, remember the steps before opening.
  • Read labels, don’t just do the thing. You might misuse or cause problems if you just do it abruptly.

When in doubt, consult a plumber.

Every home is unique, and depending on the setup of your home’s plumbing system, draining your indoor and outdoor pipes may require different or additional steps. The first time you drain your pipes, consider consulting a professional plumber to make sure you’ve covered all your bases.

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