How to Hire a Malabanan Plumber during Covid 19

The coronavirus disease (COVID-19) is an infectious disease caused by a new strain of coronavirus. This new virus or disease was unknown before the outbreak began in Wuhan, China last December 2019.

According to the official website of the World Health Organization (WHO), the Philippine Department of Health reported the first case of COVID-19 in the country with a 38-year-old female Chinese national last January 30,2020. On March 7,  the first local transmission of COVID-19 was confirmed. WHO was working closely with the Department of Health in responding to the COVID-19 outbreak since then.

Based on the last update of the Philippine Covid-19 statistics which was 19 October 2020, 08:00 GMT+8, there were already 356, 619 confirmed cases, 6, 652 confirmed deaths, and still counting.

Despite the fact that essential workers like plumbers continue to be functional at home during the coronavirus pandemic, it becomes a challenge for  service providers on how they will cope  to the new normal. Aside from them, customers also seek help especially when it comes to plumbing. Hiring the right team of professionals to keep your plumbing working efficiently is extremely important.

What should you look for in Professional plumbers?

Professionalism in plumbing services is not only what counts, but also safety. It is hard to hire during pandemic, especially if the safety of yours and your property are on the line. But you don’t have to worry anymore. You’ve came to the right Malabanan plumbing service provider.

Here at Top Malabanan, our first priority is the safety and well-being of our customers and of our employees. We take precautions, safety measures and other information to let you know how we 100% guarantee that you are in the right capable hands of Top Malabanan.

Taking precautions

At Top Malabanan, we built a health protocol for clients and staff. Safety is the top priority and our local plumber must particularly practice safety, cleanliness, sanitation and proper hygiene. With more calls from our customer service, the more our expert plumbers take care of themselves and make sure that they take precautions on delivering excellent service for every home and business.

Look for online reviews and pertinent information

You can look and check a plumbing company through their website if it is legitimate, if they implement safety protocols and if they are following guidelines such as what the World Health Organization (WHO) has implemented. If you decide to hire a contractor, search for their online reviews and works.

Provides quick assistance

Top Malabanan has dedicated teams of plumbers that work 24/7 – day and night to provide the plumbing you need. Whenever it is about any plumbing and siphoning problems, Top Malabanan is here to provide quick assistance for you and your home or business.

Check out our main page for more information, contact our friendly staff and let us do the dirty work for you during Covid-19.

Safety measures

Top Malabanan plumber and staff follow safety measure guidelines to ensure that everyone is safe during Covid-19, our company wants to provide a safe environment in the midst of pandemic. We ensure that the following are done and followed:

  • Before entering into the field of work, every plumber must wear protective suits, clean boots, protective gear such as; face shield, gloves and mask.
  • Maintenance and sanitation of gears and tools are done before and after use.
  • Our plumbers are trained to disinfect all the devices they used and surfaces they may come in contact with during and after work.
  • Our plumbers maintain social distancing through field work and contact.
  • If one of our plumbers feels sick, it is our duty to not dispatch them on the premises of work.
  • We also give our customers daily reports about our plumber health and that of their family and community.

Tools safety

‘Safety is our word in work’, Top Malabanan ensures that safety is not only done during in the field, but also to the tools used along work. It is part of our precautions, we make sure that all tools  are 100% clean before and after use. We double our effort to guarantee that we operate seamlessly whilst taking zero risks.

Emergency Plumbing

The coronavirus pandemic has forced scores of businesses to stall or shutter all together. However, for plumbers of Top Malabanan we are delivering non-stop quality service for every home and business.

It is still important to tend quickly and avoid any minor plumbing issues, whether it is leaking taps, overflowing toilets, septic tank problems or repairs and maintenance. Top Malabanan is in your area to provide you fast, safe and reliable plumbing solutions. We are up for any 24/7 emergency plumbing so don’t wait for your plumbing issues to get worse.

Call our Top Malabanan local hotlines 89623331 / 0921 245 4576 or just drop by our customer service and we will gladly serve you.


Most plumbing services will require upfront payment, but in Top Malabanan we know that if emergency issues arise, payment will become hassle due to pandemic and can be a hindrance to our client’s work.

Top Malabanan accepts payment through bank transfer, credit or debit cards, and other methods of online payment. We avoid physical contact, Top Malabanan makes it less worrisome for you. Our staff and plumbers think it would be the best option to keep you from possible contagious disease.

Top Malabanan believes that, ‘Prevention is better than cure’ especially now that we are dealing with the new normal. Implementing new ways and options is our best fix to let our clients be at ease. Comfort and safety are what Top Malabanan aims.


Plumbing issues do not take a break, they might be even worse now since they were also used through home and work, making it prone to several plumbing problems and issues. Top Malabanan Siphoning is a quality siphoning and plumbing that caters different types of services in the Philippines. We provide different services, such as manual cleaning, plumbing systems, pipelines, drain and pipe declogging, and siphoning of septic tank or pozo negro.

A pandemic won’t stop us in delivering a long lasting and affordable price for every home and business in the Philippines. As a Top Malabanan service provider, it is our duty to keep the plumbing system functional.

Need a Trusted Malabanan service provider in your area? Top Malabanan is here for you and we are fully compliant to any of your plumbing needs!

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