Taking Care of Your Septic Tank

Taking Care of Your Septic Tank

Practice proper waste disposal

Everything you dispose on your sink, shower, bath, or grind in the waste disposal all ends up in your septic tank. Anything that goes down your drain will affect how well your system will work.
For example, do not flush anything down the toilet other than human waste.

You should not flush the following items on your toilet:
• Paper Towels
• Coffee grinds
• Cigarette butts
• Female hygiene products
• Nappies
• Flushable wipes
• Household chemicals like oil, paint, paint thinners

What are the signs my septic tank needs to be emptied?

If your toilet has become sluggish and you are having issues flushing your toilet, you should get your septic tank inspected right away. One obvious sign that your septic tank is blocked is when it overflows on to the surrounding surface causing a harsh smell. If this is the case, it is advisable that you call the experts immediately. Issues such as this could end up being costly if not prevented. The main aim is to empty your tank before any problems occur.

How to check the levels of sludge in my tank?

You can check for the level of the sludge in your tank by using a stick test. This is done by lowering PVC pipes with marked measurements to estimate the levels of sludge in your tank.

How much does it cost to get a septic tank emptied?

The costs of getting your septic tank emptied will depend on its size. It is advisable to clean out your tank every 1-3 years to prevent major issues resulting in more costly fixes.

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